Free course: Meditation – discover inner peace


Make life happy and dynamic • Practice simple and effective techniques

  • Thursday and Friday, 9 and 10 February 2023, 7pm
  • Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jalan Laksmana XIV, No.5. Renon

It is recommended to attend both meetings to get maximum results.

For more information: WA 081936130874, 085337048467

The workshops will explore how we can cultivate inner peace and happiness, using meditation as a tool for self-discovery. They will draw upon the wisdom and inspiration in Permata Kebahagiaan, the new Bahasa Indonesia edition of Sri Chinmoy’s book The Jewels of Happiness.

The sessions are being offered as a community service by the Yayasan Sri Chinmoy, one of over fifty meditation centres around the world founded by the spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy, to teach meditation and spirituality and encourage a happier and more peaceful way of life.

Born in India, Sri Chinmoy adapted yoga philosophy to the modern world, as he lived in New York City and taught internationally. He was invited in 1970 to lead peace meditations at the United Nations, which he did weekly until his passing in 2007. His spiritual centres carry on his teachings in their local communities, offering free meditation classes.

A key part of Sri Chinmoy’s teaching encourages people to challenge themselves and go beyond their limits, which he called “self-transcendence”, in any field of endeavour. As an athlete, he ran over 27 marathons himself, and his students continue to organize running races of all distances, including the world’s longest footrace of 3,100 miles, or nearly 5,000km.